Wat is Fine-art

Beauty above all else

Our Fine-Art Paper

Fine-Art paper is a natural paper that is equally modern and timeless. Fine-Art paper is a mat paper that does not reflect any light sources, and therefore is naturally pleasant to look at. Our Fine-Art paper of choice is soft and smooth, and 100% white. Your photos will not be effected by the color of the paper, to represent the photographs as close as possible to how they where intended.

The smooth white paper perfectly produces lots of detail and sharpness  of the photos. Our Fine-Art paper is available in 0.9 mm and 1.2 mm thickness. The pages of our Fine-Art albums are stiff, and fold flat all the way as all of our albums are bound as lay-flat albums. Our Fine-Art paper is perfect for album designs with white spaces, low saturation and low contrast images. Perfect for a film-like look.

– Available in all book sizes: 15×15 to 35×35
– Paper thickness: 0.9 mm, 1.2 mm
– Maximum number of spreads: 10 – 50 (20 – 100 pages)

Rich colors

Adobe RGB / sRGB color profile

Mat paper

Soft, smooth & matt

100% white paper

For the best color reproduction


Premium look & feel

Archival value 100 years

Archival quality for 100 years

Sharp prints

Razor sharp images, genuine archival inks

What is Fine-Art paper?

The meaning of Fine-Art is ‘beauty above all else’. A Fine-Art print is made to produce the most beautiful resemblance of a photograph. Our Fine-Art albums are printed on acid-free paper. The inks have an archival value of 100 years. Ink that will stay true to color for a decade. Museums use Fine-Art prints to exhibit photographic art, and to archive it. Our inkjet printers use 9 color ink cartridges and can print in the  Adobe RGB color spectrum. They can produce a richer spectrum of colors than chemically printed photo papers.





Cover board – FSC certified 100% recycled material. Paper – Fine-Art from sustainable sources, PEFC certified from sustainable sources. Ink – Hybrid Water & Pigment based. Leather – Sourced from suppliers committed to sustainability and the ethical treatment of animals. End sheets – 100% from sustainable sources. End boards – 90% recycled, 10% from sustainable sources. – Shipping protetection – Bio Nuggets 100% biodegradeable. Shipping carton – 100% recycled cardboard. Shipping PostNL – Carbon neutral. Hosting provider – Carbon Neutral.

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